Successful day of testing for DS TECHEETAH in Marrakesh

By 13 January 2019Uncategorised
2018 Marrakesh testing

After extending its championship lead in the second round of the 2018/2019 ABB FIA Formula E Championship, DS TECHEETAH returned to the track for the season’s second official test day in Marrakesh, Morocco.

DS TECHEETAH Development Driver, James Rossiter fielded the DS E-TENSE FE19 race cars together with Tatiana Calderón.

Mark Preston, DS TECHEETAH Team Principal:

“With James vast testing experience, it’s been invaluable for us to have him here with us. We ran through the programs that we wanted with solid results and in the afternoon, we had him in both cars as we corelating work that he’s been doing on the simulator and

“One of the skills that we really appreciate with James is that he’s extremely good in giving us feedback between the two race drivers’ set ups and how they correlate to the work he’s been doing on the simulator. It’s also good to run some tests where you eliminate any variables between drivers, so this is what we did in the afternoon.

Having James on the team as our Development Driver has and continues to be one of our keys to our success.

“Tatiana has set extremely competitive sector times this morning. I can’t say anything but how impressed I am with her performance, especially when comparing her sector times with the rest of the Formula E grid throughout this race week, not just today during the test. It’s pretty cool to see that she’s had one of the best times in sector two throughout the race week as this is the most challenging part of the track.

“All in all, it’s been a really good test for us and we feel ready to tackle the Santiago E-Prix on 26 January 2019.”

James Rossiter, DS TECHEETAH Development Driver:

“It was good to be back in the car today and work through some correlation we’ve been doing in the sim. It’s very important for our development work to have an opportunity to correlate all our tools and setups in preparation for the next race. This helps the continuous work we do behind the scenes throughout the season to continue to fight for victories and the championship.”

Tatiana Calderón, DS TECHEETAH Rookie Driver:

“Today was great fun and it was nice to be back with DS TECHEETAH for another test. It’s a cool track and the car drives very well here, I got comfortable quickly and set some good lap times to end second in the morning session. I’m proud to have set the purple in sector two and to have accomplished the testing we set out to do today. I think the team will have a great season.”